Friday, October 26, 2007

Cooking, Scrapping and Weight loss

So week two of the cooking challenge is coming to a close. Last night I just couldn't pull it together. I didn't have the ingredients for the recipe I had chosen - and one of my children was balking big time at FISH for dinner, which I could have done. I bowed to pressure and we did the Subway I had planned for Friday on Thursday. And so, that leaves me with the dilemma - to eat out again, or make something at home.

The reason this is such a dilemma is because I am having a Scrapping Party at my home tonight. A few of my Scrapbook buddies are coming over at 6 and we are going to crop until we drop or Midnight, whichever comes first. Hopefully you will see some action on the Darling on the Table project - at least that is my hope!

Now, I also thought I'd share my personal victory today! I am a life timer at Weight Watchers that had put on a few too many pounds again! BLAH! That means I have to pay. In the last two weeks during the Cooking Challenge I lost 2.2 pounds!! Yeah! A bonus to my suffering!!


Wilma L. said...

Congratulations on your 2.2 pound weight loss, Char! WAY TO GO!
Have fun scrapbooking ! The darling on the table is a patient kid!

Jessica said...

Yeah...I had pizza at your house... At least we both didn't do the greatest this week! HOORAY for you... You are doing a great job with weight watchers, sis! Keep it up!

Warren said...

Hope the scrapbooking is going well. Was it Steph who balked at fish? Speaking of which,I killed half of mine(again). Forgot to plug heater in :( Good job with the weight loss Char. What's the magic #? 7.5 hours left until I start vacation--YIPEE!!!!!!!!