Monday, October 15, 2007

The Cooking Challenge

What happens when two sisters get very tired of eating out all the time? Well they decide to make it fun and challenge each other to do better! So I've posted my menus on the sidebar and I am ready to give it a go.

What happened? I used to cook all the time. Dinner was ready 5:30, on the table HOT ready to go. No questions asked. Then the kids grew up.

Sports started. Soccer practice pushed dinner back from 5:30 to 6:30 2 nights a week. That was only from August until October. Back to the grind! Right? Wrong! Basketball started in November lasting until March, which ran right into Spring Soccer. It's hard to make dinner while sitting the bench with the other devoted Mom's during practice or driving them and their friends - who had working Mom's back and forth. Did I ever mention how I never even watched a sport until I got married?

Eventually one team split into two teams with different practices and locations, my husband started working later - did I mention he coaches soccer? Some of us - the girls started getting hungry earlier....because my boys didn't want to eat dinner within two hours of a practice- "MOM you wouldn't want to HURL all over the place"! So began the early and late seating for dinner.

Eventually they started making plans after games, and my husband started working even later. They could drive or had friends that drive so out with the team they went, or off to worship practice or Royal Rangers. And I began pitching leftovers-which doesn't make a nice incentive for cooking!

So dinner is just not the same. Most of the time I have no idea who if anyone is going to even be here at 5:30, or 6 or 6:30. Did I mention my daughter plays Volleyball, which gives way to Cheerleading?

So there you have it my grand excuse for eating out and on the run all the time!

For me the challenge will be preparing dinner not knowing if it'll be two or 6 eating!

Jessica! Let's do this thing!

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Jessica said...

Its on!!!! Tonights pot roast was yummy!!! How was the oriental dish???