Tuesday, October 16, 2007


For those wondering - YES I managed to get last night's dinner on the table - a tad bit late, but it was good. I've already started working on tonights.

I think meal preparation and cooking is time consuming. So far I've had to think up the menu, shop, and this morning I've chopped broccoli and onions for the soup, and already made the hamburger patties. Why you ask? On Tuesdays I pick up my niece after preschool, and I'd rather play with her and visit with my Sister when she picks her up than be stressing all over the raw meat.

Let's see we are 2 days into this thing and yes I've gone to the store twice. I think I managed to get everything I need for the rest of the week though, so whew that's good. I just haven't had time to sit and make a real grocery list, so I kept forgetting things.

I used to do this without even thinking - so I know I'll be back at it soon!

By the way - What's for dinner at YOUR house?????


Jessica said...

Funny stuff! I don't blame you.. I would rather visit that cook too!

John said...

I have to say that dinner was fabulous. I know my wife thinks it is only twice, but I know it has been 3 straight days... way to go Char.