Saturday, October 13, 2007

Bath Time

Having a pool in the backyard can be iffy if you ask me. It's alot of work, costs tons of money and if the weather isn't just right can be quite useless. However we were blessed with this one by a great neighbor and have made good use of it.

One of the side benefits - for me anyway are the birds. They absolutely love the pool when it's covered. I caught them this week using our pool as a communal bird bath. They are hilarious, taking turns, splashing each other and drying off on the edge. Our off season for swimming is their swimming season I guess. In the winter there little prints can be seen all over the top. The best part really comes in the spring before we remove the cover - we have a male and female Mallard that spend spring in our pool every year. This year, they even stayed on the side of the pool with me in the back yard, and our black lab out.

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Jessica said...

Hmmmmm.. No wonder why you need all the chemicals in the pool during the summer! Just kidding... Alanna loves helping to feed the birdies with auntie Char!!! Let the pool attract them!