Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What Every Woman Should Know

I have this unwritten "signal" in our house. I call it a signal, because it's not really a hard and fast rule. It's just a signal, probably more for me than anyone. It's the wash cloth signal.

Wash cloths have multiple purposes in our home. In the beginning we had kitchen wash cloths, bathroom wash cloths and then a separate area we kept the "rags" in. After a few years of marriage and a few kids sometimes it was difficult to tell the difference. I tried to purchase cloths that matched the room. Pink for the upstairs bathroom, blue for the downstairs, etc. Eventually as every woman knows they all end up in every drawer and they all look like rags.

So I have taken to buying a bunch of cloths of various colors and putting them wherever needed. I figure as long as there is a clean cloth where you want it, the color really doesn't matter much.

So - the SIGNAL - when a wash cloth has been used for something other than the intended purpose it retires to one of two places. Over the laundry tub in the laundry room - usually the final resting place before washing OR over the edge of the tub. Everyone in our home uses those plastic scratchy thingies to lather with in the shower, so this is clear.

Well it's clear to ME.

The last thing I do before getting in bed is wash my face. I run some water lather my hands, wash my face and then rinse with a nice warm wash cloth. Ah, the day is done! Naturally my glasses are OFF during this process and my eyes CLOSED.

Last night I took the cloth ran it under the warm water rang it out, I repeated the procedure and placed the warm wash cloth on my face - UGH! It smelled like YUCKY Dirty FEET! It was all over my face and it was GROSS.

Upon opening my eyes I looked at the cloth and started laughing. I should know better! Check the cloth!!! Check the cloth!! My darling husband caught me taking a photo of the dirty cloth and just shook his head. When I came to bed I said now THAT I'm gonna blog! He laughed and then said you know I think (nameless innocent child) was washing their feet with that cloth.

I believe it!

What should every woman know? CHECK THE CLOTH!


Bren said...

THAT is funny!

Anonymous said...

Guess that e-mail I sent you arrived to late. I thought you'd find it amusing even if you may want to edit it some before sending it out. So....sis,I need ideals for your birthday gift. Unless you just want some new washcloths that is......let me know. Warren