Thursday, September 27, 2007

Happy Birthday to YOU

Here you are meeting one of your brothers for the first time. The youngest in the family means lots of cuddle times, alot of teasing, and someone to hang around with - especially from this guy!

Hope- the BEST dog in the World!, was promptly turned into a playmate and companion.

Known for incessantly teasing you and NOT letting you get your way, your oldest brother!

Two older brothers have made you tough, here your softer side comes through! You've taken to making breakfast for them and even serving them in bed!

You have not been short on siblings that's for sure! You have an extra special Aunt that doubled as an older sister when you were born!

And you have even added a few extra brothers over the years!

What a beautiful young lady you have become! Happy Birthday Sweetheart!


Marilyn R said...

Please let "Mom #3" leave her birthday greetings too! I won't be able to call you kiddo for much longer. You are growing into a beautiful young lady, iside and out!

Anonymous said...

Hope your birthday went great Steph!! Enjoy your gift card(26 bucks for a T-Shirt--CRAZY)!!
Warren ;)

Jessica said...

Stephaine... I think you need a blog but until then... You are the awesomest niece in the world! I love you!