Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Darling on the Table

Finally I have done more than just talk about my son's album I've actually completed some pages in it. I have made it to May of 1998! Last night I completed 7 pages and put in 7 more pages that I had scanned from a family album, and have 4 more to just add the finishing touches to. To coin a phrase from my friend Marilyn I have used my STASH - meaning I didn't need to buy anything new for these pages.

I had hoped to be done with the year 2000 when I originally made my "master plan", but life just happened in a big way this summer and I did absolutely no scrapbooking, or crafting at all for that matter.

I am so happy to be working on it again!

I was also happy to find myself working on the year David and I went to see Oma & Upa alone. Naturally we visited Disney World. On this particular page he had a very special treat-a trip to Chef Mickey's with some friends of ours. What a special treat for him - our middle child! He was the only one of our children to go to a Character Meal at Disney World. Until we found 3DTravel and the Ultimate Field Trip!


Marilyn R said...

Great progress on your "Darling On The Table"! Yeah! Doesn't it feel good to use up some of your stash? I'm looking forward to seeing your new pages soon.

Becky said...

p.s. a great way to finish your album on time is to come scrapbook at my house!! ;)