Friday, September 14, 2007

Croc Tan

In my humble opinion Crocs are the ugliest shoe fashion to come around in a long time. I think I first saw them last year, and of course my mind was completely made up immediately. As with most things that I make my mind up quickly and completely about my heavenly Father decides to rearrange my attitude and I imagine He gets a pretty good laugh out of me in the process.

I was able to just ignore the whole Croc Fanatic thing until it began to come at me from all sides. The UFT group began posting for days, praising them up one foot and down the other. AND THEN about the same time in walks my friend wearing a pair. Now I can understand her dilemma...her feet were hurting she was also planning a Disney World trip and wanted to be able to walk around without her feet killing her. And so began my personal Croc Dilemma.

I kept trying them on -- no, these are ugly.

They do feel pretty nice -- NO these are ugly.

At least I don't have to wear socks -- NO these are ugly.

My legs are big enough already why would I want BIG shoes? -- They do feel kinda nice.

These feel really nice -- NO these are ugly.

Then I met this salesman in a local store. (naturally he had a pair on)

I say "Don't you think they are ugly?"

"Well", he says, "if you want to be a slave to fashion you are going to miss out on the most comfortable shoe ever!"

"WOW, do I look like a slave to fashion? I mean, when I walk in the room that's what you think, SHE'S a slave to fashion!" We laughed and I left the store. WITHOUT a pair of Crocs. Maybe I am a slave to fashion.

Somewhere I heard that it takes seven encounters with a product before some people will buy it. I'm not sure if it was my seventh time trying them on, but finally I bought the Crocs. Definitely not a slave to fashion -- maybe it was peer pressure, but they did feel really good!

Well I hate to admit it but they were all they were "croced" up to be. The best pair of shoes I have ever worn at Disney World, and when it rained my feet felt wonderful and when I was hot all I had to do was walk through one of those kids splash areas and ahhh, cool feet! Of course when I got home I did notice one small side effect and that was my special Croc Tan! It might be a little hard to tell, but I have all these little circle tan spots on my feet - at first I thought they were little bruises, but Nope it's my Croc Tan!


Joni said...

Oh Charlene I think the crocs are ugly too and I don't own a pair but your change of heart makes me wonder just how comfortable are they? Will they soothe my aching feet???

Charlene said...

I hate to admit it but they are the most comfy shoe I have ever worn. Make sure you try the same size on from all different makers...on the back it says, made in China, or Boulder, CO, or Moxico, or Canada. The ones from Coulder fit the best for me, China was too small, even though they are the same size. I saw some fur lined, I have my eye on them for winter in the house!