Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cinderella Banned from the Castle?

Upon arriving at the Magic Kingdom Cinderella was promptly escorted to the "boss" of the arrivals.

Could this be the Magic Moment we've all been waiting for?

Nope! It seems my Cinderella looks a bit too much like the real Cinderella! They look her over, and I'm beginning to think they are not going to let her in. So I intervene.

"It is 20 after 9 and we have Breakfast reservations at 9:35. We are just going to walk down Main Street take a few photos and go to the Castle."

"People will think she is really Cinderella - we can't have that"

Incredibly I say "Really?"

The Boss lady continues looking at her. Finally she says "Does she have a change of clothes?"

"Of course, we will change right after breakfast." With a quick nod, she finally allows Cinderella to take her rightful place walking down Main Street and dining in the Castle. Whew, that was a close one.

After Breakfast the "Boss Lady" just so happened to be by the locker rental as I am wading up Cinderella's gown and putting it into the locker. I admitted to her that one woman actually did think she was Cinderella for a moment. "Boss Lady" said that people would follow her all around and ask for her signature. The "security guy" assured me we wouldn't want that.

I'm left wondering since when did Cinderella have braces????


Anonymous said...

Must have been a SLOW day at the magic kingdom if they spent that much time hasseling you about her outfit. Or maybe it's all of that sunshine that warps their minds(or hearing its a small world after all 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times that cause brain damage).

Darlene said...

My friend was just at Disney world last week! I wish I was there. :(

She looks beautiful, and has a story to tell her grandchildren one day! lol

I'm passing through to put you through the CWO blog ring.

teacher of one said...

That is too funny.