Tuesday, September 25, 2007


And I don't mean us! Even though we can be characters when we want too..that's a different post!

One of the best improvements Disney has made with characters is in availability. I remember "back in the day" when they would just show up wandering around the "World" and the chaos was incredible. We never bothered with signatures or photos because I was not one of those "pushy" mom's that fought her way through. I learned early on that waiting your turn just wasn't going to get you anywhere. So we headed in the opposite direction!

Disney apparently figured this out too. After at least a 10 year break between Disney trips we found the characters to be handled very professionally. With Cue lines, regular times and locations.

Now we enjoy getting signatures and photos with the characters. The addition of Photopass photographers makes it even more enjoyable.

I was going to attempt to load these in a slide show, but alas, technology was greater than I today. So maybe another day I will master the slide show, until then I'll just have to go at it the best way I know how!

We also discovered - thanks to the Disney Dining Plan being FREE - that Character Meals are another great way to meet those characters!

If you've got the urge to visit Disney again, check out 3DTravel and let them know Charlene sent ya! You don't have to be going on a Home School trip either!

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Marilyn R said...

We just went on a Disney trip too and had a great time. I can vouch for 3D travel too. As Char said, you don't have to be homeschoolers to use their services as we aren't. By the way Char, where are pictures of you with the characters? I know you must have some!