Saturday, September 15, 2007

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is a pretty neat place. I have only been there two times. From these two visits I have determined that it is the HOTTEST place. It doesn't seem to matter what the temperature is everywhere else, once in the Animal Kingdom you can count on HOT and HUMID. Keep in mind this comes from someone who LIKES to be warm.

There are plenty of Animals around so it's kinda like a zoo, add attractions like my personal favorite - The Lion King - The main reason I like this show is because it is a live show mixed with singing and animatronics. I also thing the acrobatic "monkeys" are fabulous. Best described as a musical circus, if you can imagine that!

This year we had the privilege of dining at Whispering Canyon. A real treat for the outgoing bunch. Some of our pictures are posted here. Be outgoing, ask for ketchup and tell your server you are very thirsty if you want to set the proper stage for a night full of fun! The entire restaurant was quieted by a server when a woman was caught talking on her cell phone. Quiet she yelled, this woman is on the PHONE. It was loudly announced that a certain child wasn't sharing and everyone should bring the other child a telling how many crayons they ended up with!

A Disney staple -- Characters. There are plenty of them available, the regulars,

and then the highlight for my daughter - Pocahontas.

No one would call me an ice cream lover, but the Animal Kingdom had THE BEST Ice Cream Cookie sandwich I have ever tasted. I had just a few bites and actually wished I had my own. I looked for it the rest of the trip and never found one that looked like the one we had there. She's got it in her hand - guarding it from Mom for sure!

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