Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Waiting for Miss Marilyn

Today bright and early in the morning my niece came to spend the day with us. She's three. She's adorable and she knows it.

She dances to High School Musical 2 songs, loves Incredibles and talks up a storm. Mostly telling you what she wants you to do, or what she's NOT going to do. In preparation for our Disney Trip she is learning "Yo HO, Yo Ho, A Pirates Life for me!" She already sings "Someday my prince will come."

I told her that Miss Marilyn was going to come over. And so began "the watch". She went to the window and began looking out the window. Every time a car came her melodic voice called out "Miss Marilyn's here". Of course she wasn't, it was just some random car on the block.

Eventually "Miss Marilyn" arrived and she immediately responded with "I hide!" I think she turned a bit shy, or possibly just wanted to "surprise" her!


Anonymous said...

Jessica's daughter shy?? Hard to believe that!! I see your preppeing her for that "Disney Magic". Who's more excited: Alanna or the two of you??

Marilyn R said...

Alanna did come out of hiding and I enjoyed our conversations! I didn't get to hear the Yo Ho Pirate song - next time!