Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wait for me Jack

In two weeks we will be in Disney World! I am so looking forward to it! Why? Because it's bright and cheery there. Everything is happy looking, and upbeat. There is music everywhere you go - from Yo Ho Yo Ho a Pirates life to me, to It's a Small World After All.

There are princesses everywhere and if you hold your hand out during the photos like they do, you can feel like one too!

Someone else does the cooking AND the dishes!

The Cast Members treat you special, are always helpful and smiley.

Housekeeping comes and makes the beds, wipes the toothpaste spit out of the sink and brings clean towels!!!!

The fun is only limited to your own imagination.



Marilyn R said...

How many days until you leave for Disney? I know you have them counted! Have you bought your crocs yet? :-) Savy?

Oma said...

You do know that Jack will not be meeting you FL, don't you?
I have a fanny bag you can borrow...tee hee...LOL LOL
It will be sad to know that you are so close and we will not see each other...when you see the city signs WINDERMERE think of us.

and...you do have to sign up to Google to send you a comment...Boo hiss.


Charlene said...

Who told YOU Jack wasn't going to be there...he has his own ride you know!! I'll be looking for him! Will I see those signs from the Plane or the Magical Express Bus that picks me up...yes, I will be going from the airport straight to Disney....sorry about that!