Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday Drive #2

I thought today I'd share some photos of our family vacation in Michigan. We spent some time camping in Mackinac City.

This guy was not shy about coming near us. I think it was the lunch we had on the blanket that he really wanted. Eventually we made the mistake of offering him some bits of bread and immediately we were partaking in a wild scene from "The Birds". I prefer to remember the birds peaceably waiting.

These photos were taken from Fort Mackinac.

Tahquamenon Falls

A beautiful sunset...I don't rise early enough in the day for the sunrise...maybe one day I'll stay up late enough to catch the sunrise and then head for bed!

Going through the Soo Locks. I've always understood the concept, but seeing it gave me an added appreciation for how this works!


Anonymous said...

Mom, your son also went off to school I think that is a pretty big thing that you shoulda added to the blog..

Joni said...

Gorgeous photos Charlene!

Charlene said...

Okay, my son, I'm getting ready to post a Blog entitled College you'll just have to be patient!

Charlene said...

Thank you Joni! I am inspired by your photos as well and your engaging stories!