Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Summer Rain

Naturally after yesterday's heat we would have an evening rain. All day, really I had been anticipating this storm. Finally it came. I find myself drawn to storms and it takes me back to memories of my childhood. I can remember watching storms come from our front yard. My Grandmother would call me to come in and I would beg to sit on the front porch and wait, and watch and yes SMELL the storm coming. I never got off the porch, I didn't need to. The storm would come to me.

Last night was no different. At dusk it began rolling in. I could hear the thunder in the distance and feel the humidity all around. The crickets were singing and the cicadas were echoing back and forth from tree to tree and so on down the block. A few lingering fireflies were out, not realizing they were past their prime. I'm sure if my hubby had been out he'd tell me the mosquitoes were biting, but since he wasn't out I didn't notice them. The neighbors black cat came scurrying between the yards looking for a bit of fun before the storm would force him undercover. The birds and squirrels were hold up in the secret places they go during storms. I've never seen a bird caught in a storm..flying home late or chirping. They just seem to know, and they heed the warnings.

The lightening began its beautiful show in the western sky, high above the treetops and houses. I was called away by the phone but soon found myself back out on the porch just as the cool wind began it's final descent through the trees.

Smell the storm coming? Breathe deeply, it's the smell of the fresh air and rain filtered through the green leaves, combining with the grass and flowers and fertile earth pounding on the hot concrete. It's a smell like no other, and one I've come to discover that not all can smell.

But I can. And I love it.

It's a gift to me from God. There is no other explanation. The love of nature was placed inside me as a wonderful gift, to be treasured and enjoyed. To be used to draw me closer to my Creator and to keep me praising Him for all that he has made. I am awed that God knew me, He knew I would love the heat and the rain and so much more and He created these beautiful things for me and you to enjoy.

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