Monday, August 6, 2007

Summer Heat

I suppose that one day I won't feel like this, but right now I like it HOT. There are only so many days of the year that it can get hot in the midwest and the days Hot is possible, well I want them hot. Sure I love a cool breeze - when it's cool breeze time.

You will rarely find me complaining about the heat. In fact I am drawn to the warmth. Known to stand in the window and follow the sun like my indoor plants, and our dog Hope who sleeps on the floor in the sun spots and moves accordingly throughout the day. I have caught myself pressed against the large window we have in the dining room just to feel the sun on my back or face.

Hope is always ready to play in the yard and never ceases to amaze me with the energy she can out put at her young age of 11 1/2! She's never caught complaining about the heat either - though her tongue tells a different story.

Most people I know aren't as attached to the heat as I. They mumble and complain and they actually do look miserable. Today the heat index was rumored to reach 100 and we hosted a pool party at our home. I was outside the better part of the day. Preparing the back yard, running to the store for the last minute things and of course during the party. I plain wasn't HOT. I was warm and it felt good. Warm fingers, toes and YES my nose. See these are the parts that are usually freezing in the fall, winter and spring so when they do warm up I am extremely pleased and quite comfy.

Now Phoenix hot is a bit different, but still lovely to this body. Not everyone can tolerate the PHX heat and it takes a bit of know how to get around....take some advice from this duck if you go there in the summer.

You'd better one foot it across the pavement as quick as you can. The concrete here really can fry an egg.

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