Friday, August 24, 2007

The Ringing of my Ears

Over the last couple of weeks we have had severe thunderstorms, 16 inches of rain, and numerous power outages. I have always liked extreme weather. Grey drizzle filled days - boring. Rip roaring thunderstorms that blow up fast, a magnificent display of lightening, and wind. That's my style. If I must have snow then give me blizzard like conditions..the kind that stop traffic and inspire everyone to make a pot of soup and shovel all the sidewalks in the neighborhood.

One thing I found to be surprising was the ringing of my ears when the power went out. Maybe you can relate to this, maybe not, but usually my ears would ring after a loud concert when it was "quiet" again. I'm not used to my ears ringing when my house is silenced.

The first night I just sat around listening. I was amazed at all the sounds I would normally hear, that I was no longer hearing.

The air conditioner fan was not running.
The aquarium filters were not filtering.
Water was not bubbling through the aquarium output
Not a computer was humming, nor clock ticking
Fresh ice was not dropping into the tray
And the ice maker was not refilling
The DVR machine fan was not cycling
The phones were not ringing
The microwave was silenced
Ceiling fans were stopped
Music was not heard in any room of our house
The TV was not speaking
The washer was not washing
The dryer not drying
and the sump pump was not pumping

What I could hear was the ringing of my ears.

And then I sighed. Even in the midst of all the thunder, the pounding rain and wind. It was at last quiet in the house. Everyone was home, most were awake, yet it was so quiet. I realized how far away from true peace and quiet we really are. I wonder how much noise must be emitting from this planet? What does it sound like, just above a city, or suburb? It must be deafening! No wonder I like to be outside, where the birds sing, and squirrels chatter! It's quieter outside my house than inside!

Soon afterwards the generator we borrowed started up and even though I was sorry to lose the silence, we would not have to bail the water out of the sump one bucket at a time anymore.

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