Friday, August 3, 2007

Preview Night at the Fair

Last night I had the honor of going to the Preview Night with my friend Marilyn. She had entered some quilts for the first time and we were going to find out how she did.

Now, I love going to the fair, looking at ALL the exhibits from chickens to cows, horses to, bunnies and everything in between. I stroll through the exhibit halls and look at the crafts, and plants and photos. I wonder how does one win for a mug, or plate or collection? Every now and then I find a name I recognize but never have I gone with an Award winner...nearly everything Marilyn entered had a Blue Ribbon on it and some even a Sweepstakes Ribbon too. WAY TO GO!

I always think, maybe next year I'll enter a photo. This year I saw scrapbook pages were entered. So....maybe next year I'll enter. =) Until then, I'll just be braggin' on my friend!


Anonymous said...

Hey there my favorite big sister so now you're a "blogger" huh? My,my now you're one of the "in crowd". Congrats to Marylin on her ribbons from the fair. Keep cool...your "uncool" younger brother... ;)

Marilyn R said...

Wow was I surprised to see my quilt on your blog! Thanks Char, and thanks to you too "younger brother"!

Oma said...

Congrats to does she find time to quilt...I need a day planner.
So Char...can you enter scrapbooking pages?