Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My encounter with Bible Man and his Mom

Well, I promised you a little bit of fun from my weekend so here goes.

We went to the NFAF with a group of fabulous teens and next thing you know I find out that one of them is actually Bible Man. He’s wearing a cape and mask, and the crowd is literally going wild! Chanting - Bible Man, Bible Man, posing for pictures and high fives along the way. I’m honored to have met his Mom and can say she is a wonderful woman, patient and kind. We found out another thing about Bible Man…he is NOT allowed in the Mall with his mask on. Masks are not allowed in the mall, but capes are! We had a moment of silence as we photographed only the mask.

Soon afterward we spotted Bible Man, with arms raised upwards as if he was flying – he was in the Hyatt elevator soaring to the top floor! (I’m amazed at how much fun Bible Man and his sidekicks had doing this) Is it a bird? A plane? Underdog? NO, it’s Bible Man!

I do believe the real Bible Man was in the area, but hey...our Bible Man was personable and fun and we'll never know when he might show up again!


David said...

where did u meet bible man , and why wasn't i told

Anonymous said...

So...masks are a no-no but capes are okay? Where's the fashon police when you need them??

Charlene said...
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Charlene said...

Yes, please remember when going to the mall to leave your mask in the car, but feel free to bring along your cape!