Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Devotions and Science

This morning during my devotion time I was actually thinking about yesterday's science experiment on Ellipses. How God manages to pull all these things together in my mind is indeed a miracle! So here it goes.

We all pretty much understand that the planets orbit around the sun. What I never gave much thought about is that they do not orbit around in perfectly circular orbits. Some are more oval in nature. Naturally the closer to the sun the planet is the more circular the ellipse. The sun therefore is not at the center it is more off center to some of the planets. This was proven during the science experiment.

What in the world does this have to do with devotions?

I began thinking that we are much like those planets. Of course our sun is the Son of God and we are really the planets. Sometime we are circling close to God, almost in a perfect circle -- The closer we get the Hotter or more intense we feel our relationship is. Sometimes we can be circling way out like Neptune or Pluto. We maybe feel so far away, yet unbeknownst to us we really are still circling. Even if we aren't sure God's really there we are still going around the Son. He is still pulling us around. Sometimes we are closer than others. Sometimes farther but always He is there.

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Kazz said...

Hi Charlene, I hope you dont mind but I just linked to you through your interests in profiles, I too love christian music and decided tos ee how many others have put that as an interest.

I love your analogy of planets orbiting the sun.Our God truly did create awesome things in this universe and the whole of creation shouts out his name.

God bless you Charlene and Keep on living out loud for HIM.