Sunday, August 12, 2007

Catching Up

Happy Birthday Mom!

One Day we'll be celebrating my Mom's birthday this month. It is one of those Momentous birthdays, the kind that end with a ZERO. She's a bit sensitive about this, so I'm NOT going to post the number for the ENTIRE World Wide Web to see, even though I believe I have only a handful of readers and they already know about this momentous day.


The last few days I have been away from home. More than once I thought, I should write something. This would be good to share on the blog! So now I have some things to talk about - other than the weather. Which is still warm and which I am still happy about.

As a Youth Pastors Wife and Mom of one of the Fine Arts National Participants I got to spend an exciting few days having a blast with our group of teens and sharing a camaraderie with teens from all around the USA.

Some stories to anticipate. My encounter with Bible Man, and the meeting of his mother. The Hyatt Elevator. Convoy of Hope. Conformation of my naming of this Blog, and whatever else God lays upon my heart.

Eventually I'll get around to Disney World,3DTravel, my favorite hobby, and home school-which is supposed to begin tomorrow!

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Oma said...

Just for the record...I am 39 and holding...and...I am not having any more birthdays...they are just anniversaries of my I can get the presents.