Friday, August 31, 2007

Camera Dr.

Yesterday I dropped my camera off at the Camera Dr.'s office. This Dr. is my brother in law. He takes the best photos I've ever seen! He called me a dweeb because I never have a lens cap on my camera. It slows me down and I loose them faster than I can buy them. Now, before I leave for vacation I do my best to let the Doc give it a once over. I use my camera more than anyone else I know. It's never in a case, never has a lens cap and never gets dusty unless I'm out in a dusty place taking photos.

Anyway, you can tell I have a very hard time parting with my camera. I hemmed and hawed, which days would be the best to be without it. I finally decided I should just "get over it" and take it.

I pick it up on Saturday -- not too bad. As soon as I dropped it off I find out my niece is going to be over.. drats - she's always good for a few great pictures. Then I discover the squirrels are getting into the can I keep the seed in another photo op in the making, AND I purchase something I NEVER thought I'd buy! All three of these would have made great photos, and even better stories! The squirrels I can probably catch tomorrow, and what I bought will still be there when the camera comes home. But my niece is a different story. Today she turned herself into a Blue Smurf or quite possibly she was going for Violet from Willy Wonka, and well - that photo opportunity is gone.

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Anonymous said...

What did you let her get into Char? Well I hope you ladies have fun @ Disney. The guys will be lost without you(of course they'll deny it). LAter....