Saturday, December 29, 2018

Anyone out here?

It's been a very long time since I blogged.  I'm not even sure I remember how and things have changed drastically since my beginning blog days.

Yet, I still think about blogging.


Maybe 2019 will be the year I come back home to my blog.

What do you think?  Anyone out here?

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Cancer Changes Things - Coconut Oil Escapades

On my quest to live healthier (cancer does that to you) I have stopped (to the best of my ability) using any lotions that aren't natural. This is not an easy thing to do (on a limited budget) Aunt Pat somehow ran across Coconut Oil and bought a huge jar for herself... she doesn't cook... so it's purely a cosmetic purchase. She immediately thought of me - she's like that and told me all about how great and natural and organic it was. AND of course shared some of her escapades in using it. SHE should have her own blog! Then she bought me a jar from Costco and mailed it to me. YEP she's GREAT like that. PLUS I know she wanted me to have my own fun with it. LOL 

So this morning I decided to try it. I am normally at church on a Sunday morning but as Round 5 of my TCH CHEMO treatment is not quite worn off yet I stayed home. (why do I always capitalize CHEMO?) The first thing I did was take some of the coconut oil out of the huge jar and put it in a smaller glass one - for TWO reasons - first the thought of dipping my hand in and out of that jar and rubbing it on my body over and over grossed me out... thinking long term here.. the jar is HUGE,this is gonna last a long time and second, I actually MIGHT want to cook with it. I do cook. Well.. I DID cook before I lost all sense of taste and desire to enjoy any food. (which shall pass) and NO I haven't lost any weight. Not fair... seriously.... NOT. 

The coconut oil looks like CRISCO - the white solid stuff so I was a little surprised when as soon as I got it in my hand it turned to liquid... DUH - the label does say it will liquify at 75 degrees.... and my shower and body were clearly over 75 degrees.

 Immediately I was transformed BACK TO CHILDHOOD - obviously my Grandma - who raised me - used alot of coconut in her cooking... I do seem to remember some coconut macaroons..... but she must have used it for other things to for it to take me immediately back there! Once I got done I kinda felt like a greased cookie sheet! And now I am smelling like Coconut macaroons. NO I am not gonna make any, I can't taste them... so I'll enjoy the smell. Before I tried this I Googled it and read you could lick your fingers when you were done it's that healthy for you. I didn't.  Once I accidentally got some other lotion in my mouth and it burned for a long time...

Before Breast Cancer was part of my history I was curious about natural things. I know God put everything we need to live healthily on this earth and we've just lost sight of that or destroyed it or are too stubborn to admit it. Sometimes I'd add a new thing to my routine or read about it and think, yeah that sounds right - but the current of living in this time is pretty strong and it's moving fast so those thoughts would mostly get swept away. Occasionally a few would take hold - like breaking my Pepsi addiction but usually not for long. Now, I hope I can swim upstream a bit more and make healthier choices for me and hopefully give others a little motivation to do the same! 

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Nearly 6 months of Neglect

WOW it's been nearly 6 months since I posted here - it's not that Cancer went away, or I haven't had anything to share... it's just other things seem to squeeze out blogging.  

One thing that took it's place was journaling in My One Word journal that I posted about HERE.  I have been fairly regular - not everyday but I am proud of my commitment to the journal, even though YOU do not get to see it.  

So I am hoping to blog a bit more, maybe go back and share more of my experiences that are neatly penned in my journal. AND right now I am going to start on my next blog post - which inspired me to come back to this blog in the first place.

I'm not sure why I felt the need to announce this...  blogging is mostly a silent world unless you get popular or famous or sell stuff.  But alas, I've been at it off and on since 2007 and I still enjoy it.  :)

Sunday, June 30, 2013

My One Word - Restore

I'm just finishing up hosting my summer girls group - it's this fabulous group of young ladies I've had the privilege of leading classes for since - well since they were in 3rd grade.  Most of them are either in college or heading off to college this year. They are truly a blessing to me.  We did Crazy Love during the winter and are finishing up My One Word this week.  

My One Word is a perfect follow up to Crazy Love because Crazy Love makes you really evaluate things, My One Word helps you narrow it down and begin to change.  I like that!  I love to be challenged and grow.  

My word for this year is Restore.  

Honestly, I followed the promptings in the book - to brainstorm words, to write them all out and I did that, however I didn't "feel" any of them. I was a bit discouraged and I settled in for prayer when there it was - it just popped into my head.  Now I am not one for random words to just pop in so I knew this was it.  

Unfortunately I was disappointed.  You see I am trying really hard to not make this year all about my cancer, maybe too hard.  I got to thinking about it and praying and realized there are plenty of things that can be restored.

Finances - Little Lumpy costs ALOT! 
Relationships - I can always do better here.
Health - Healing from Cancer really is a priority.
Fitness - a walk a day would be nice. 
Hair - It's not gone yet, but if I lose it, I surely would like it RESTORED.
Time - I've lost so much of it, procrastinating and thinking "I can't do that".

And more will be revealed throughout this year because, while trying to pick out a scripture, I saw how much God is in the RESTORING business.    

The book encourages you to journal, so I picked out a journal today and hopefully I'll use it.  I am not new to journaling and looking forward to getting back in the habit.  

Hopefully there will be alot to record and share this year on My One Word Journey.


A Photo of My Handwriting - Blog Every Day in June #11

As you can tell - I'm pretty far behind in this Blog Every Day in June Challenge!  

Here's my handwriting - cursive and print.  

I'm not a fan of my printing, however, it seems if I don't print there won't be anyone able to read what I write.  You see cursive is on it's way to being a thing of the past.  

I find this terribly disturbing.  It's like being illiterate in a way.  For decades people have been writing in cursive - and now in a matter of a generation those writings could be undecipherable - lost to our children and children's children. 

Recipes handed down from great grandmothers
Cards, and notes of encouragement
Love letters 
Family History preserved in scrapbooks or photo albums or even just jotted down on the back of the photo
I could go on, but I won't. 

I do hope the powers that be that have decided cursive is not important anymore change their minds.  Or better yet, the common people, the parents of these next generations just teach their kids how to read and write cursive anyway.  

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

10 on 10 photos - Blog Every Day in June #10

 9:10 AM - The power still isn't on - went off last night about 6 pm.  So... might as well clean something - I've got hot water and elbow grease....

10:10 AM - Heard we might be out for 3 -5 days.  Borrowed a generator for the freezer and fridge.  I am pretty sure we use this more than the friends we borrow it from...

11:10 AM - Natalie and Susan have come for a visit today... even without electricity! 

12:10 PM - Time to beat the heat and go out for lunch ... Culver's it is... flavor of the day - Eclair Cake..

1:10 PM - We came home and then picked up some sticks from the storm - then we had a little snack.

 2:10 PM - Maybe I'll take a nap.... NOPE!

3:10 PM -Went downstairs - it's cool and dark, but instead we just got silly.... self portraits in the dark are painful.... 

4:10 PM -Let's take a swim...

5:10 PM -Dinner Time - Dickey's BBQ - even though the power just came on, might as well eat out.  

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

My favorite quote or saying - Blog Everyday in June #9

Very hard to choose just one! 

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Friday, June 21, 2013

My top three favorite blogs to read and why - Blog Every Day in June #8

I mostly read blogs through Google Reader which is going to be retired on July 1st.  I am really going to miss this feature.  These three are just a few of my favorites!  

Living the Dream - Stephanie's the reason I am doing the Blog Every Day in June! She's my daughter and I love her creativity, honesty and sense of humor! 

Becky Higgins Blog - I've been a Becky Higgins fan since her beginning with Creating Keepsakes and have also done a Project Life book too.  I love her Cultivating a Good Life Quotes like this one - " Part of cultivating a good life is not multi-tasking so much.  Or ever.  I know that's hard.  I need this reminder big time."

Learn with Jenny  - Jenny hasn't blogged lately but you'll still find some really good stuff there! Like 52 Cupcakes, Project Life, and a challenge to "Be Responsible for the Energy you bring into the room". 

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If I could have one super power - Blog Every Day in June #7

From the moment I saw Elastigirl on The Incredibles, I thought now THAT would be an awesome super power!  


As a Mom I've often wished I had an extra hand -  especially after my third child was born.  Stretchy ones would be awesome! I already have some pretty awesome MOM powers, but this would totally have revolutionized those child rearing days! As an Auntie I am sure we would have a blast with this super power!

Elastigirl can stretch any part of her body up to 100' and reshape it in a variety of ways - in the movie she becomes a rubber boat and parachute.  I'd like super stretchy arms to give everyone big group hugs.  


Reaching across the room would be super fun and grabbing something from the other room wouldn't be a problem either. 


Of course I'd need a super suit designed to  "stretch as far as she can without injuring herself and still retain its shape."

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Three ways to win my heart - Blog Every Day in June #6

Flowers, Laughter and Truth  

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